Stainless steel Mag winding Delivers maximum voltage to the spark plug for a hotter , more powerful, and longer spark resulting in optimum engine performance while reducing the chance for misfire, and eliminating radio static
High Heat 100% pure Silicone jacket Totally resistant to oil penetration, for lifetime protection against wire set failure. Maximum temperature protection
Kevlar® reinforced core Long life Silicone inner insulation Stops power-robbing voltage leaks
Snug fitting OEM-style High Heat silicone boots Ensure proper fit, function and appearance while providing extreme durability for long life
"Snap lock" terminals or OEM style connectors Wires are tightly crimped to the connectors to exceed OEM standards, providing worry-free installation and re-installation


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American Manufacturing Company's spark plug wire sets meet and often exceed, performance levels of most original spark plug wire sets that they replace. We manufacture using the highest quality raw materials in the market today. High Temperature silicone wire, spark plug boots and terminals ensuring the best quality on all our Spark Plug Wire Sets.

American Manufacturing Company provides premium quality " oem-fit " Spark Plug Wire Sets for all American, Asian, and European car, van, and light truck applications in the market today. With over 1,800 wire set applications we are sure to have the right wire set for you no matter what country you’re in, and....

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High Temperature Silicone Jacket

Kevlar® reinforced Silicone Core

Stainless Steel Mag Winding

Snug fitting OEM-style
    High Temp Silicone Boots

OEM Style Connectors With
    "Snap lock" Terminals.