Company - About Us

American Mfg Co is a family owned and operated business that has more than 25 years of experience in the manufacturing of spark plug wires. Known throughout the industry for the quality and performance of our products. Since our beginning, our products had a reputation for innovation and quality. Our self-directed cross-functional work teams are accountable for meeting production, quality, and safety standards. This organizational structure provides for maximum quality by quickly identifying and eliminating quality issues. This commitment to outstanding quality has made American Mfg Co the first choice for consumers of ignition wire sets.

Over the last decade American Manufacturing Company has increased its market worldwide, and its now the preferred aftermarket supplier of Ignition Wire Sets for those markets served. American Manufacturing Company provides premium quality, competive priced spark plug wire sets for virtually all cars, vans, and light truck applications including foreign and domestic vehicles. All Premium Wire Sets are backed by a "no hassle" lifetime guarantee.

With over 1,800 wire set applications we are sure to have the right wire set for you no matter what country you are in, and... If we donít have it, We can make it

American Manufacturing Company will interchange any brand's part number to ours as requested by our customers for references purposes.

It's Proven, Professional Technicians insist on using automotive products that allow for fast, simple installation. They want automotive products that are virtually identical in fit, function, color, and performance to original equipment.

How to satisfy and retain your customers ? It's easy.
Simply rely on American Manufacturing Company as your complete source for Quality Spark Plug Wire Sets.